Sublease without realtor ! What are the advantages and disadvantages

Realtors today is in the market really more than enough. And it is clear that they literally fight for their clients. If we are currently in the role of a person looking for housing, very often it can be a sublease without a realtor to whom we want to focus .

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages it can have. It is not always possible to say that it really pays off. The same is true of the opposite situation.

The main reason to choose a sublease without realtor? Price


If it is a sublease within a real estate agency, it is obvious that we will not avoid payment. And paying a specific commission, which will be charged by the office .

In this practice, it is customary to pay it just the person who wants to move into the apartment. Its usual amount is then around one whole rent. And we can save so much if we choose a sublease without a realtor and find such apartments that only their real owners rent.

We are dealing with a specific person


The second advantage of this option is certainly that we are dealing with a specific person who owns the apartment. So with the owner or the owner. We can arrange a tour with her directly.

In the case of a real estate agency, it is the mediator, which can be quite complicated and lengthy in the arrangement . Especially if the real estate agent does not have time or is unreliable. Unfortunately, these are quite common problems for many of them.

Thanks to the realtor we have the security of the contract


We have announced the benefits and so it is good to look at those relating to sublease with real estate. That is, when it comes in handy. It has one key advantage, namely that it gives us the contracts that we can write with the owner of the apartment. Of course, this is a great advantage for us. And in what and why?

Of course, because we have the certainty that they are legally all right . If we choose a sublease without a realtor and we write our contracts ourselves, there may be big mistakes that will ultimately be reversed. For example in connection with:

  • Redeemable at notice
  • Liability for damages
  • By paying various necessary exchanges
  • Payment of fees

Search without problems

Thanks to the real estate agency, we can also come across another positive, and this is the possibility that she will find the apartment she needs.

We only tell her our requirements and we don’t have to worry about anything else. And these are the advantages that sublease will never offer us without a realtor.

How do we evaluate?


In both positives, the final decision cannot be said as both have pros and cons. If you do not solve the money so much, the real estate agency may not be a problem. Conversely, if you look at them, you save a lot of them.

However, it may also be advantageous for the owner of the apartment, as evidenced by the following review: “ I rented myself, I even made a contract (but still according to the old GF). We had the signatures on the contract verified on the matrix. But it is a fact that we caught perfect people. ”